Completed Projects

U.B.M.C Higher Primary School, Bajegoli, Karkala Taluk, Karnataka, India
This project has now been successfully completed.The school has been rebuilt with a new, stronger roof and walls, three bright and airy classrooms, a new kitchen and breakroom, a staffroom, and restrooms. Clean drinking water is also available to all, with a new water tank. Modest furniture such as benches and tables have been provided in each classroom, along with new chalkboards, ceiling fans and lighting.

The transformation

That was then...This is now...

A single classroom was divided into multiple areas with cloth partitions to house multiple classes. It also served as a storage area and more as and when needed.

New roof and walls, new classrooms, an office, a kitchen, staffroom in a safer, stronger building.

This unsafe outhouse served as a restroom that young girls would never use. Lack of clean drinking water was an added issue.

A safer building with clean restrooms, drinking water. The area is surrounded by a protective wall for kids to assemble and play safely.

A tree outside served as a classroom where kids sat exposed to the elements of nature - sweltering heat, rain, cold.

Three new bright and airy classrooms with modest furniture, lights, ceiling fans, and chalkboards.