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Bannerghatta Government Primary School, Bannerghatta, Anekal Taluk, Karnataka, India

Located near Bangalore in Anekal taluk, Karnataka, the school has been in existence since 1939, and is currently operating in an old building (circa 1937), with asbestos roofing and crumbling walls with deep cracks. The existing building needs to be demolished and a new building needs to be built to provide the children with a safer and stronger facility. OSAAT proposes to rebuild the school in two phases. Phase I of the project will consist of the demolition of the old building and construction of a new building with six new classrooms, starting in June 2006. Phase II will consist of an additional four classrooms, and will start in March 2007.

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Project Profile:

  • There are 540 children in grades 1-7 currently attending this school, from ten surrounding hamlets: Kempanaikanahalli (2 km), Sampigehalli (1km), Hakkipikki Colony (5km), Ragihalli (10km), Jangalpalya (2km), Shivanahalli (10km), Ramanaikana Doddi (10km), and Bhairappanahalli (2km)
  • Karnataka State Government funds this school to the tune of a meager Rs. 4,000 per year, barely enough for the school to cover even the most basic supplies such as chalk for the chalkboards, cleaning supplies and stationary.
  • The building was built (circa 1937) with asbestos roofing and poor quality construction materials. Every wall, without exception, has deep cracks with much of the mortar long gone. The walls are also covered with mold and heavily stained from the dirty water seeping through in the rainy season.
  • The asbestos roof has huge, gaping holes that have been patched without much success. During the rainy season, every classroom has a couple of inches of standing water and the children get drenched routinely. In addition, the exposed brick and mud walls get soaked and dangerously saturated. Given that the rainy season lasts a good couple of months, the school cannot afford to stay closed. It continues to operate under these dangerous conditions. When OSAAT’s volunteers conducted a site visit, they found the condition of the building very appalling and dangerous. They reported that it is not a matter of if, but when the building will collapse, with unimaginable consequences.

Issues and remedies:

Issue todayRemedy

Asbestos roof with gaping holes. Causes 2-3 inches of standing water to collect in every classroom during the rainy season.
Given the poor condition of the roof and the fact that asbestos is a dangerous health hazard, OSAAT will remove the roof and build a new one with steel and concrete in Phase I.

Crumbling walls with deep cracks
All the existing classrooms need to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. A new foundation will be constructed to support a two-level structure with six new classrooms in Phase I.

Mortar has fallen off the walls in most places, leaving them exposed. Notice the mold caused by rains saturating the exposed walls.
With the new foundation and six classrooms in place in Phase I, four new classrooms will be built in Phase II.

This drinking water facility is unsafe and unsanitary, with mold growing all around it. The school also needs clean restrooms.
Clean drinking water facility and restrooms will be built in Phase I.

Walls with mold growing at the top where water seeps in.
With the new foundation and six classrooms in place in Phase I, four new classrooms will be built in Phase II.

There is no furniture in the classrooms. Children sit on the bare floor. The rainy season only adds to the misery.
Rotary Club of Bangalore is collaborating with OSAAT on this project, and will furnish the classrooms with modest furniture, as and when the classrooms are built and ready to go.

Bannerghatta School Project Update

March 23, 2007, proved to be a significant date for all of us at OSAAT. Phase I of the newly constructed Bannerghatta school was inaugurated at a ceremony held at the school, much to the delight of 540 kids who attend the school, their teachers, OSAAT volunteers, members of Rotary Club International, Bangalore chapter, and members of the community that rallied around the school enthusiastically throughout the construction phase.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone in the OSAAT family and our sponsors, donors and supporters, Phase I was completed on schedule and within budget, an accomplishment that all of us can be very proud of. The transformation of the school from what it used to be is significant not only from the construction point of view but also from the point of view that the strong, safe, new building will continue to serve thousands of poor kids from the surrounding hamlets with no other viable alternative to get an education.

The task we took in early 2006 seemed overwhelming in the beginning, when we realized the amount of work and money it would take to rebuild the school. From where we stand today, we see the brightest smiles ever on the faces of the kids walking proudly to their new school. We are totally overwhelmed and gratified that we did not turn our backs on them. We have Phase II ahead of us, but we know that we can do it, with your help!

Where we are today:

Conducted one fundraiser on April 15, 2006, and raised $30,000. With some funds available from last year, the total amount funded thus far is approximately $40,000, for Phase I of the project. A ground-breaking ceremony was held on June 15, 2006, to get the project rolling. Read the details in our 2006-3Q Newsletter. An MOU has been signed with Rotary Club of Bangalore, our partner on this project. MOU holds Rotary Club responsible for the solicitation of bids, obtaining all necessary permits and driving the actual construction process, working in conjunction with the school and the government. Conducted "Naatya-Raaga 2007", another fundraiser on February 10-11, 2007, to raise additional funds to fully fund Phase I and start Phase II. Read the details in our 2007-Q1 newsletter. Phase I has been completed on schedule and within budget. The new building was inaugurated on March 23, 2007. Read the details in 2007-Q2 Newsletter.

How you can help:

Please donate generously to the Bannerghatta School project. Every dollar of your donation will be utilized for this project and will touch hundreds of lives. Your donation is tax deductible and you do not need to look any further for a better social investment. You can donate by sending a check payable to the address listed in donation page.